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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusiveness Dept.
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Commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusiveness

The District is fundamentally committed to equity, diversity and inclusion for the entire community that constitutes the District.  The District’s commitment stretches all the way back to the late 1940s and early 1950s, when the District led the charge to change the statute that required all school districts in Arizona to segregate some students from others.  Once that statute was changed, the District voluntarily integrated, closing its one primary school for African American students, and reassigning them to other schools without regard for race.

That commitment has continued, through state-mandated open enrollment and the rise of state-funded charter schools, through magnet programs to attract students across the District to create diversity within schools, supported by free transportation to magnet schools, and for those students who choose to attend a school where their presence improves the diversity of that school, to an integrated system of supports designed to identify students at risk and to provide interventions targeted and tailored to the individual students’ academic and cultural needs, to a comprehensive system of behavioral interventions supported by detailed reporting and comprehensive training and guidance for teachers and administrators, to enhance family and community engagement programs, tracked and monitored extracurricular activities, and careful and systematic attention to the distribution of funds for facilities and technology systems.

The District has recently emerged from a long period of federal court control and supervision over almost all aspects of its operation.  While under court control, the District developed a series of plans for operation of various programs aimed at improving equity, diversity and inclusiveness for all members of its community. These pages are designed to inform the community about the current programs, and plans for their operation, and provide tools and information to the public to enable assessment of progress and public accountability for the District’s initiatives.

Desegregation Programs & Initiatives

The current Tucson Unified Deseg plans in PDF format:

  1. Unitary Status Plan
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Updated Executive Summary
  4. Comprehensive Magnet Plan
  5. Magnet Priority Project Plan–2517-3
  6. Non-Magnet Priority Improvement Action Plan–2517-4
  7. Three Year Plus Integration Plan–2270-3
  8. Instructions to Magnet Principals–2554-1
  9. Individual School Plans
  10. Outreach and Recruitment Addendum–2270-5
    22-23 Outreach Plan for Magnet & ALE
  11. Diversity Plan for Teachers and Administrators–2514-4
  12. Marketing and Recruiting for African American Professional Staff–2289-1
  13. African American Diversity Addendum–2568-1
  14. Centralized Hiring Process–2155-1
  15. Certification and Support for Beginning Teachers–2327-1
    Certification Form for Beginning Teachers–2327-5
  16. Beginning Teacher Inventory–2514-1
  17. ALE Policy Manual–2573-1
  18. ALE Status Report-2573-2
  19. Transportation Plan–2573-3
  20. UHS Shuttle Report–2585-1
  21. ELL Action Plan–2261-1
    ELL Action Plan–2310-1
  22. Dual Language Plan–2401-1
  23. CRPI Report on Status and Activities
  24. CRP Professional Learning Plan–2259-2
  25. CR Training for Administrators–2584_1
  26. Multicultural Curriculum Plan–2259-3
  27. AASSD Status Report and Plans
  28. MASSD Status Report and Plans
  29. Professional Learning Plan for Discipline and Inclusive School Environments–2266-2
  30. Family and Community Engagement Action Plan–2391-1
  31. Extracurricular Activities Plan–2260-1
    Extracurricular Activities Plan–2387-1
  32. Multi-Year Facilities Plan (including FCI scores)–2539-1, pp 3-19
  33. Final TCI Report 2020
  34. Professional Learning Plan for Teacher Proficiency in Using Technology–2330-1
  35. Technology Instruction Resource Index–2514-2
    Technology Instruction Resource Index–2514-3
  36. Post Unitary Status Reporting and Accountability Plan