Action Plans

The Action Plans demonstrate Tucson Unified's commitment to integration, diversity and racial equity throughout our programs.

Action Plans

Implementation Activities (in PDF)
Budget Code Mandated By: Effective Date Operative Action Plan Title
201 USP II.D.2-3 11/18/2014 Comprehensive Boundary Plan (CBP) Rescinded

201 USP II.D.1-3. 09/04/2014 Boundary Review Process (BRP)
202 USP II.E.3 06/26/2015 Comprehensive Magnet Plan (CMP)
203 USP II.G.2.a-b 01/2015/2014

Admissions Process for Oversubscribed Schools

Proceso de Admisión para escuelas con un exceso de solicitudes

204 USP II.I.1 11/03/2014 Marketing and Outreach Plan (MORE)
402 USP IV.C.3;IV.F.1 09/11/2014

Outreach/Recruitment/Retention Plan (ORR)

Administradores y Personal Certificado Plan de Difusión, Reclutamiento y Retención

408 USP IV.G.1-5 04/2015/2014

Reduction in Force Plan (RIF)

Personal Administrativo y Certificado Reducción en el Plan de Personal

410 USP IV.E.6. 11/01/2013 First Year Teacher Plan at Struggling Sites
411 Order #1760 07/20/2015 Teacher Evaluation Procedures (TEP)
411 Order #1760 07/20/2015 Principal Evaluation Procedures (PEP)
413 USP IV.I.2 12/10/2013 Teacher Support Plan
414 USP IV.I.3. 11/2015/2013

Prospective Administrative Leaders Plan

Plan para Futuros Líderes Administrativos

501 USP V.A.I.1-5 05/30/2014 ALE Access and Recruitment Plan
501 Order #1771 04/14/2015 Supplement to ALE Access and Recruitment Plan
502 USP V.5.A.I.5   UHS Admissions Plan
504 ECF 1879 11/10/16 Dual Language Access Plan
506 USP V.E.2.Xb-c 03/13/2015 Dropout Prevention and Retention Plan (DPG)
511 Order #1477 09/08/2013

MASS Reading Improvement Plan

Servicios para Estudiantes Mexicanos-Americanos (MASS) Plan para la Mejora de la Lectura para el Año Escolar 2013-14

701 USP II.I.2; VII.C.I.a-g 09/26/2014 Family and Community Engagement Plan (FACE)
801 USP III.A.1-2; VIII.A.1-5 03/20/2014

Extracurricular Equitable Access Plan

Plan de Acceso Equitativo Extracurricular

901 USP IX.A.1-3 02/27/2015
rev. 03/09/2015
Multi-Year Facilities Plan with Index (MYFP)
902 USP IX.B.1-4 02/27/2015 Multi-Year Technology Plan with Index (MYTP)
1003 Order #1477 05/30/2014

USP Budget Process and Criteria

Criterios del Presupuesto de USP

1003 Order #1477 02/04/2015

Student Support Criteria

Criterios para Evaluar los Programas de Apoyo Estudiantil

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