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Pre-Unitary Status Plans & Documents

Student/Parent Complaint

As described in the Student Code of Conduct, students and parents have a right to file a complaint to their principal, assistant principal, or Student Relations.

Student/Parent Complaint Form: Exhibit JICK-E1 (in PDF)

Update on Partial Unitary Status


  • Early/Mid 70's: case brought by parents against TUSD
  • 1978-2009: TUSD operating under court supervision and stipulation of settlement
  • 2009-2011: TUSD declared unitary; district removed from court supervision
  • 2011: TUSD unitary status revoked; district placed back under court supervision
  • 2012: Special Master appointed
  • 2013: Unitary Status Plan and Appendices finalized and released; First Annual Status Report and 2012-2013 Annual Report released
  • 2014: Plans developed for implementing the USP projects; Second USP Status Report and Second Annual Report released; Corrected Unitary Status Plan filed with the Court
  • 2014: SY 2013-14 Annual Report released
  • 2015: SY 2014-15 Annual Report Released
  • 2016: SY 2015-16 Annual Report Released
  • 2017: SY 2016-17 Annual Report (and Annex) Released

See also Deseg Timeline - Infographic (in PDF)

Tucson Unified School District Desegregation Tax Fact Sheet

Understanding the Tucson Unified Desegregation Tax LevyThe total TUSD tax levy last year (2017) was $222,587,250 compared to $216,646,040 this year (2018) – a 3% decrease in the total TUSD levy, including desegregation. The desegregation levy has been frozen by statute at the $63M for several years.

With that decrease in the levy, the total TUSD tax rate decreased from $6.9218 per $100 NAV (Net Asset Value) last year to $6.5554 per $100 NAV this year.

You will see that last year, the desegregation levy was woven into Maintenance and Operations and Unrestricted Capital, so those two levies went down considerably this year with the desegregation levy now broken out of them and listed separately.

Some important facts:

  • The tax levy for desegregation is not a new tax, nor is it an increase.
  • The tax levy for desegregation is frozen at the 2008-2009 level
  • The State Legislature now requires that Pima County separately list the portion of a school district's property tax levy that is for funding of desegregation programs.
  • This is not a tax increase; it simply means that the school district's property taxes are split up and shown differently on the tax bill.
  • With the desegregation tax levy listed separately, a typical taxpayer will see decreases in TUSD Maintenance & Operation and Unrestricted Capital taxes for 2018, as desegregation was included in those same levies during 2017.
  • The total TUSD tax rate, including the desegregation levy, has not increased – in fact, it has decreased 3% over last year's rate.
  • If an individual taxpayer's property tax has increased over last year, it is due to factors other than TUSD tax levies. Those factors include assessed values and changes in tax levies for entities other than the school district.

Related to the Legislation:

  • The legislation passed last session did not result in any immediate decrease in TUSD funding.
  • Even if the state does not, for some reason, provide the additional state aid for education (ARS 15-972), this will not reduce the District's ability to meet its financial obligations or its obligations under the desegregation court orders this school year.

Related to the Desegregation case:

 In September 2018, the Federal Judge recognized significant progress made by the District and awarded "partial unitary status" in many areas of the court-ordered plan, which is a major step toward "unitary status" which would lead to closure of the case.

For additional information on the Tucson Unified School District Desegregation case, please see the information on this website.

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