Our Commitment

Tucson Unified is fundamentally committed to the principles of integration, diversity and racial equity. Our programs, including magnet school, incentive transportation, family outreach, curriculum, and extracurricular activities, are all designed to fulfill this commitment.

Integrated and Racially Concentrated Schools

The Unitary Status Plan provides the following definition for a racially concentrated school:

"1. Racially Concentrated School.  A racially concentrated school is any school in which any racial or ethnic group exceeds 70% of the school's total enrollment, and any other school specifically defined as such by the Special Master in consultation with the Parties." [USP II.B]

Students whose home school is a racially concentrated school may be eligible for Free Transportation if they open enroll to a different school.

An integrated school is defined in the following way by the Unitary Status Plan:

"2. Integrated School. An integrated school is any school in which no racial or ethnic group varies from the district average for that grade level (Elementary School, Middle School, K-8, High School) by more than +/- 15 percentage points, and in which no single racial or ethnic group exceeds 70% of the school's enrollment." [USP II.B]

Magnet programs have been developed to help integrate schools. (Schools with an asterisk are Magnet Schools).

Included below is a list of schools that were Racially Concentrated and Integrated on the 40th day for School Year 2016-17.

List of Integrated and Racially Concentrated Schools

  • 2018-2019

    Racially Concentrated Schools

    Elementary Schools

    • Cavett Elementary
    • Grijalva Elemntary
    • Lynn/Urquides Elementary
    • Maldonado Elementary
    • Manzo Elementary
    • Miller Elementary
    • Mission View Elementary
    • Ochoa Elementary
    • Oyama Elementary
    • Robison Elementary
    • Tolson Elementary
    • Van Buskirk Elementary
    • Vesey Elementary
    • Warren Elementary
    • White Elementary

    K-8 Schools

    • Hollinger K-8
    • Mary Belle McCorkle Academy
    • Morgan Maxwell K-8
    • Pueblo Gardens K-8
    • Robins K-8
    • Rose K-8
    • Roskruge Bilingual K-8 Magnet
    • Safford K-8

    Middle Schools

    • Pistor Middle School
    • Utterback Middle School
    • Valencia Middle School

    High Schools

    • Cholla High School
    • Pueblo High School

    Integrated Schools

    Elementary Schools

    • Banks Elementary
    • Blenman Elementary
    • Bonillas Basic Curriculum Magnet
    • Borton Magnet Elementary
    • Carrillo Magnet School
    • Cragin Elementary
    • Davidson Elementary
    • Erickson Elementary
    • Holladay Magnet Elementary
    • Howell Elementary
    • Hudlow Elementary
    • Hughes Elementary
    • Myers/Ganoung Elementary
    • Sewell Elementary
    • Steele Elementary
    • Tully Elementary Magnet
    • Whitmore Elementary

    K-8 Schools

    • Drachman K-8 Montessori Magnet
    • Miles Exploratory Learning Center
    • Roberts-Naylor K-8

    Middle Schools

    • Dodge Traditional Magnet Middle School
    • Mansfeld Middle School
    • Vail Middle School

    High Schools

    • Catalina High School
    • Palo Verde High Magnet School
    • Project MORE
    • Rincon High School
    • Santa Rita High School
    • Teenage Parent High School (TAP)
    • Tucson High Magnet School

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