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Annual Report 2014-2015 - Appendices: Section VII

  1. Family and Community Engagement Plan
  2. Iniguez Resume
  3. SLT Agenda
  4. FEC Budget Wakefield
  5. FEC Budget Palo Verde
  6. Wakefield Floor Plan
  7. Palo Verde Floor Plan
  8. Wakefield Program Agenda
  9. Launch Invitation
  10. Wakefield Annual List of Available Materials
  11. MASS Fall 2014 Survey Results
  12. Schedule of Events
  13. Family Engagement Staffing Plan
  14. Family Engagement Organizational Chart
  15. Family Engagement Vision and Mission Statement
  16. Family Engagement Logo
  17. SAIL Training Power Point
  18. Culture and Climate Training Presentation
  19. Culturally Responsive PD Participant Surveys Pre Post Course Assessment
  20. List of 14-15 Community Partners
  21. African American Parent Conference Save the Date Notice
  22. Family and Community Engagement Steering Committee Members
  23. FEC Resource List
  24. Calendar of Community Outreach
  25. FEC Flyers, Newsletter, and Screen Shot of Website
  26. Culturally Responsive PD Teacher Survey
  27. Notice to LEPs of Rights to Interpreter/Translator Services
  28. Primary Home Language Other than English (PHLOTE) List 10.15.2014
  29. Meaningful Access Coordinator Year End Translation and Interpretation Report
  30. Language Preference List 2014-15
  31. TOTAL Interpretation/Translation Evets 2014-15
  32. Parent Assistance and Agencies Flyer
  33. New Hire Meaningful Access Presentation
  34. Meaningful Access Process Document
  35. Meaningful Access Services Handout 2014-2015
  36. Guidelines for Translation Services Memo
  37. VII(E)(1)(a) Explanation of Duties
  38. VII(E)(1)(b) Assessments, Analyses and Plans
  39. VII(E)(1)(c) Regulation IHAM_R District Wellness
  40. Reporting VII(E)(1)(d): Analyses Scope of Effectiveness